Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zune 30's are back to the Social

Well, that was a wild way to end 2008, but Zune 30 users should be back in the saddle now that 2009 is here, as of about 7 am EST. In case you missed Microsoft's sage advice on the issue, you'll need to let the player completely drain its battery, then plug it back into a power source and all should be right as rain. Hopefully you didn't do anything drastic like removing the battery (voids the warranty) or use up all 10 of your free Zune Pass songs during those dark, dark hours of Zunelessness. Read

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  1. I am a big fan of Microsoft and everything that they do. Microsoft has allowed me to have a great living. However, they really need to focus here and stop worrying about what Apple and Google are doing. Recently I purchased a MacBook and gave away my Vista systems to my kids and I can say that I don't think that I would ever purchase another Windows laptop ever again. I love my MAC :-)

    The Zune was a dud! It would never eat away at the iPod which owns the personal entertainment space.

    Stuart Crawford
    Calgary, AB


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