Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to: Get a free Domain Name!

CO.CC:Free DomainDomain Names. Everyone has one. It's their little "home" on the Internet. So why shouldn't you have one as well?
And then you realize, why don't I? Because they cost $10 a year.
So then everyone has a free so-called "webhost", who cover your site with unwanted ads and your website is located in a subdomain (i.e. ), which looks unprofessional.

But here's the solution: Get a FREE domain name. Your new website will be at, meaning it'll look like a professional, PAID domain. When someone gets to your site, they'll get directed to the website of your choice.
You'll also get to create your own 7GB "" email accounts (with Google Apps) for free!

But wait, what's the advantages of using
-Free Domain FOR LIFE - No more Expiring domains
-Full DNS control (Something that only paid domains have)
-Full Zone Records Control (CNAME, A, NS and MX records)

Sign Up today!

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