Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Josh's MacWorld Predictions

New Mac minis
Oh yes. That "budget" computer for your granny learning how to use a computer, or the better-than-the Apple TV alternative. This time, we're looking at a black and aluminum look, versus the white plastic. And we're also seeing Nvidia 9400 chipsets, over the old Intel GMA950 chipset. That means a HUGE boost in graphics performance, even though it's still integrated graphics.

New iMacs
Once again, I think that Apple will ditch Intel's chipset and move onto Nvidia's more powerful chipset.

New 17" MacBook Pro
Oh yes. Remember that MacBook that got rejected during Apple's Spring Notebook event? Well, the rumor is that it'll appear tomorrow (or today, depending on your timezone). New reports released in the past few days have revealed that Apple will be releasing the new 17" MacBook Pro as early as Macworld. Aside from adopting the NVIDIA chipset and aluminum unibody design, the most notable change that was first reported by 9to5Mac is the elimination of a removable battery. Instead, Apple is said to have chosen a slimmer but longer-lasting battery that is not replaceable, as in the MacBook Air.

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