Sunday, January 4, 2009

Google Easter Egg: Google Chrome on iPhone?

Uh, oh.  You remember that Google Easter Egg we mentioned earlier?  The one that allows you to browse within the app.  Well, we got to, you know - thinking (for once) about this little browsing within the Google Mobile App thing.  Guess what.  You aren't using Mobile Safari - as far as we (an broswer detection pages we checked) can tell.  Does Google have their own WebKit based browser built into the Google Mobile App?
Or might Google be using Safari's Webkit engine and throwing off the browser detection scripts.  We're sure someone out there is smart enough to help out.

Mobile Safari on the left vs. Google's iPhone browser on the right.  The browser detection plugin sees different versions of Safari for each browser.  Theoretically, they should be giving the same browser versions if Google's Mobile App is using Mobile Safari to render pages.

Google's Browser also has navigation buttons and the ability to open in new windows (see bottom).  So what does this mean?  It kinda breaks the ol' rules of the App store as far as we can tell.

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