Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shuttle X50: Asus Eee Top copy

First, it was the whole netbook thing that Asus started. And now, nettops? After Asus released their Eee Top a few months, ago, it looks like there are a few copycats already, although this Shuttle looks a load nicer, a perhaps more like the white iMac. More shots after the break.

Anyways, the specs are exactly the same as the Eee Top, except for a smaller hard drive and a $100 difference.
Screen: 15.6 inches, with a 1366x768 res
Processor: Intel Dual-core Atom N330
Chipset: Intel 945GC, GMA950 Integrated Graphics
Memory: 1GB
Hard Drive: 80GB
OS: WinXP Professional
Price: US$499

Thanks to Xfastest!


No, that Core 2 Quad is meant for another computer. Sorry :(

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  1. There are leaders and there are followers. Both of the companies you mention Asus and Shuttle are leaders in their markets (that isn't opinion thats fact). The reason that many componants of the Nettops and the EEE's are similar is not because they are copying (it's because of their size). You answered it yourself when you indictaed that the Core 2 Quad core was for another system. Exactly Josh, you couldn't put a cpu of that size and power in a form factor this small.(meltdown). They are both innovative comapnies and Shuttle has been known for years for their inovations in design so the fact that it's clean and white doesn't immediately send up a flag that oh their copying imac design it's simply clean and white. If you've ever gone into a library or a bank and seen the smaller form factor computers on their desks? Those are called clients. Client computers also require monitors. What they have done here both Asus and Shuttle is to create a small form factor computer with it's own monitor not to replace laptops or desktops (in my opinion) but to give institutions and schools and individuals an alternative to them. Thats what innovation is all about.
    Thats what product innovations do.

  2. True, true. I agree with that Asus is one of the leader in innovations, especially with their netbooks, and how the biggest PC makers (Dell, HP and Sony) copied them later after seeing how successful it was.

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  4. tony said...
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    Sorry Tony. I don't like people self advertising themselves.


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