Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to: Enable Emoji on your iPhone!

1. Enter the App Store, purchase and install application 老地方冰果室 ($0.99). Search for FrostyPlace to find this application in the App Store.

Note: This application is a Trad. Chinese language RSS reader for Taiwanese Macintosh news website

2. Once installed, launch FrostyPlace, tap the speech bubble icon, and then tap a random post.

3. Return to the Home Screen by pressing the Home Button, then tap Settings > General > Keyboard > Japanese

4. You'll notice the Emoji keyboard is now available, switch this On.

Note: If the Emoji keyboard is still not available, return to the FrostyPlace application and tap on another post.

5. Compose a new SMS or email. Tap the globe symbol on the keyboard to access the Emoji keyboard.

Enjoy Emoji.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I access Emoji?

Emoji is implemented as an additional keyboard the same way as international keyboards. Tab the globe icon on your iPhone keyboard to switch between your regular keyboard and Emoji keyboard. The Emoji keyboard is divided into categories, swipe left or right to view the additional icons. Tap on an icon to insert it into your message.

Does the recipient of my messages containing Emoji need to do anything in order to see them?

No, the recipient of your message will be able to view your Emoji without performing these steps, provided they have an iPhone with software 2.1 or later.

How does this work?

There appears to be a bug (?) in iPhone OS 2.2 triggered by the application mentioned in this article that allows the Emoji keyboard to be switched on without being on a supported Japanese carrier. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Will other mobile phones be able to see the Emoji characters?

No. They will see squares or other character in place of the Emoji.

Can I use Emoji in email?

Yes. The recipient must view the email on an iPhone to see the Emoji.

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