Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rejected "Podcaster" App allowed in the App Store under a different name

Podcaster, now "RSSPlayer" has finally made in into the App Store after a string of rejections from Apple for violating its "duplication of functionality" policy. 
Apple's suddenly cool with the revised app, giving it two thumbs-up on the way to the App Store, but it's not clear if the directory functionality was the problem, there's a policy change in play here, or the name change simply fooled the App Store admins into giving the green light. At any rate, in case you're wondering why you'd shell out $1.99 for the pleasure of this "duplication of functionality," RSS Player will let you blow by iTunes' 10MB limit -- and, of course, you can download any feed you like. iTunes Link 

Josh's Verdict: Podcaster, opps, I meant RSSPlayer is here to stay. Remember the web browsers allowed ?

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