Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Eee PC 1004DN has an Intel Atom N280 1.66Ghz

Wait, another Eee PC? Oh yes. But look at the processor: it's an Intel Atom N280, which is currently not out yet.
Anyways, here's what we know about the new processor so far (according to liliputing ): 

The Intel Atom N280 features a 1.66GHz clock speed, compared to the 1.6GHz speed of the N270. And the N280 has a 667MHz bus, compared with the 533MHz bus on the N270.
Will users notice a major difference in performance or battery life? It’s not likely, but anything’s possible. An Asus spokesperson tells me that a handful of new Eee PC models will feature the new Intel Atom N280 CPU, while most older models will keep the N270.
Oh, and I noticed two other things when I went and took another look at this netbook for this post. It also features an ExpresCard slot and an 8-in-1 card reader instead of the usual SDHC/MMC card slot that Asus uses for Eee PC netbooks.
CNet reports the N280 also features the new GM40 chipset which will offer better graphics performance, particularly with HD video playback.

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