Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to: Get a FREE Platinum Account

No, it's not a scam. No, I'm not going to ask for any money from you. But it DOES work.

1. First, you'll need to have created a free account, if you haven't, here's the link.

2. Now, here's the special part: You'll need to connect to Ivacy VPN.
Wait a sec, Don't VPN's cost money? Yes..

But here's the deal: Get a special, free 1GB trial account , EXCLUSIVE to Josh's Blog! 
Free as in NO Credit Card required, Ivacy isn't going to charge you after one month, etc.

Create your Ivacy account, and then connect to the Ivacy VPN network.

3. Now visit - You'll see that your account has been changed to a Platinum account, for free!

Josh's Verdict: Try it out, and if you need any help, comment below. I can assure you that it'll work 100%.

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  1. Hm, Josh, what do you mean by "connect to the Ivacy VPN network?".
    The question remains whether the account will still remain platinum after the 1 month Ivacy trial is over?

  2. Daniel: Sure, no problem!

    Rita: nice to see you on blog.
    You invited me to Jaiku, I remember that :)

    Once you create an Ivacy account, you'll need to create an VPN network with your login/password. There's more instructions from Ivacy here:

    There's no time limit to use the free trial. The only limitation is that 1 GB traffic. So, if you run out, Ivacy expects you to purchase more credits, which is a cheap 0.5 Euros per 1GB.

  3. Gregg, you signed for an Ivacy (link in the post) and account, right?

    Make sure you are connected to the Ivacy VPN network, for example, your work network might be blocking VPN connections.
    If you are sure that you are connected to Ivacy and this still doesn't work, let me know.

  4. works but will expire as soon as Ivacy account expires because when not logged in to Ivacy account you're nor platinum anymore

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. ggg: Well, just use Ivacy to download stuff from, and then disconnect after you finish using it.

    Free Rapidshare Premium Account: Sorry, I don't like your affiliate links on my blog, so I deleted your comment. By the ways, AWSurveys in a scam. Just search "AWSurveys scam" on Google. You can only make only online with legitimate ways. Don't get scammed.

  7. Sorry to say but it seems this doesn't work anymore since this morning, megaupload changed login page.
    Do you think this will get solved?

  8. The vpn conection give me a error!!! Some one with this problem?

  9. ggg: It should work now. Tell me again if it doesn't.

  10. No still doesn't work for me
    Is there something I have to change to make it work?


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