Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sony VAIO P is official!

Yes, all those rumors on Josh's Blog.  First, the FCC leak, then the teaser sites, then the accidental placeholder "TT" image, then the keyboard teaser, and then the specs were revealed. And now, it's official!

According to Sony, it's the world's lightest 8 inch notebook, with the following specs:
Processor: 1.33ghz Intel Atom
Screen: Huge ass 1600 x 768 LED backlit 8-inch ultra-wide display, with Sony's XBRITE-ECO™ LCD technology
Storage: 60GB HD, 128GB SSD
Connectivity: 802.11n WiFi, 3G WWAN, Bluetooth, GPS module
Battery: four hour battery (eight hours with the optional high-capacity cell)
OS: Instant-On OS "Sony's Xross Media Bar™ interface" and Windows Vista Home Basic or Premium
Weight: 1.4 pounds

This will retail for $900.

Josh's Verdict: Looks freaking awesome!

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