Thursday, November 20, 2008

USB Flash thumbdrive? Try an eSATA thumbdrive.

It's been a while since we've seen anything truly interesting in the thumbdrive space, but this certainly qualifies. Kanguru has taken a regular-looking USB 2.0 flash drive and slapped an eSATA plug on the other end, finally breaking the performance barrier for thumbdrives. The eSATA is powered, and Kanguru tossed in a eSATA + Power bracket and eSATA + Power cable for whichever scenarios might present themselves. With an increasing number of laptops housing eSATA plugs these days -- not to mention all the other great scenarios that present themselves here -- we'd say the time is exactly right for this kind of mojo. Kanguru is shipping these now in 16GB ($85) and 32GB ($120) capacities, and will add a 64GB version in January of 2009.

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