Saturday, November 8, 2008 VPN + Exclusive Free Trial

Every day when you check your e-mails or chat over Skype, shop online or simply browse some sites you exchange millions of bytes of information through the Internet. Do you ever think about how information you send could be intercepted by some unwanted intermediary because on its way your information travels through quite a lot of servers and providers?
Luckily, to protect your information you don’t need to become a net safety expert or buy expensive equipment. You can simply use a VPN solution where all your incoming and outgoing traffic goes through a secure VPN connection. This technology is often used by companies which need to provide access to their internal network from all over the world and not just from the office. But what if you want to use the Internet for your own private needs?
There’s a simple and accessible solution – the Pr.ivacy network - reliable protection and guide in the "ordinary" Internet.

What is the difference between accessing the Internet directly and accessing it through Pr.ivacy?

All information you will send through Pr.ivacy will be encrypted and no one will be able to intercept it on the way. Even your provider won’t be able to discern what data you transfer.
Protecting your data is even more important if you access the Internet through a public Wi-Fi, say, in a hotel, a cafe or any other public area. This way the data you transfer can be intercepted and read by anyone. Through Pr.ivacy you will get a secure connection and access to the Internet without the risk of being spied on.
At home or at work, in a business trip or on holiday you can safely access any web-sites without the risk that anyone will check which resources you have been to. Your presence on-line will become anonymous.
Moreover you will be able to connect to anonymous Pr.ivacy network from anywhere around the world.

Free Trial
As for you being a lucky Josh's Blog reader, We offer you an Exclusive Free Trial to Pr.ivacy's VPN, with no Time Limit, and no Credit Card required! Click on this special link to register today. Limited Time Offer!


  1. Sweet, I've been looking for a free VPN for a while. This is awesome!

  2. Danke Schön! Ich liebe die VPN-Dienst. Es ist schnell und ich finde Pr.ivacy ist eine toll Firma.


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