Tuesday, November 18, 2008

China's Android-powered Sciphone Dream G2

An Andriod phone? And by the ways, this isn't the successor to the T-Mobile G1. They copied the name. And then added a 2 just because they thought it'll sound cooler and more advanced than the G1. It's coming November 28th, in China only presumably. It'll feature EDGE data, WiFi, 4-megapixel cam with autofocus, 50MB of internal memory, microSD expansion to 16GB, FM radio, a QVGA display, and "the most advanced software ever engineered." (I thought OS X was..)

Keyboard? What keyboard?
Yes, as far as we can see, there's no keyboard at all. And Andriod doesn't have a on screen keyboard yet within the OS, so I wonder, how can you text and write emails? Hmm, we'll see in 10 days time.

Josh's Verdict: Stick to your T-Mobile G1 for now, as least you can type on it. 

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