Wednesday, November 19, 2008 + EXCLUSIVE Beta Invites is a service currently in private beta that allows you to update all of your social services (microblogs) at once, including most of the popular services like Twitter , Pownce , Jaiku and . What sets this apart is how many niche services are supported as well, for example, The Twit Army , Koornk and Rejaw . Another thing is their Adobe AIR app, which allows you to update all your microblogs on your desktop, without opening a browser window at all.

I love my Readers, therefore I give.
No really, I love you guys. That's why you, as a lucky Josh's Blog reader, can get an EXCLUSIVE invite to with this special code "joshl2". Enter the code here. The code is limited to just 20 uses, so act quick!

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  1. Sounds Interesting, I'm trying it right now..

  2. Danke! Thanks from Germany!


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