Monday, December 8, 2008

Possible image of next-generation Nokia touchscreen handset revealed

Just days after Nokia dropped a touchscreen bomb and revealed it upcoming flagship N97 handset, we may already be getting a first look at Nokia’s next order of touchscreen business - maybe. The above image is reportedly a marketing slide from Nokia Capital Markets Day in Brooklyn yesterday. It allegedly depicts an upcoming touchscreen-only handset with a UI that looks absolutely nothing like S60 and gesture support complex enough to warrant a notation beside the mock ups. We’re skeptical at best, but we do know that the Finns have some big plans for touchscreen devices in 2009 so it certainly is plausible. If this is in fact a handset we can look forward to in 2009, Nokia apparently has finally recognized Apple as a major competitor and given the mobile industry up-and-comer the best form of flattery. If not, meh, it was fun while it lasted. Read 

Josh's Verdict: Looks too good to be a fake, and that weather User Interface reminds me of HTC's all too successful TouchFLO 3D Interface. Nice phone in that picture too, reminds me of a HTC Max 4G with that huge screen? We'll see. I don't even think the sales of Nokia's XpressMusic 5800 are doing that well... that iPhone copy..

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