Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Christmas "Get A Mac" ads

 Apple has posted two new 'Get a Mac' commercials to their ad page. The holiday-themed ads utilize a style introduced in 2007 in which Justin Long and John Hodgman provide voices for animated versions of their "Mac" and "PC" characters.

Tree Trimming: "Mac" and "PC" are trimming a Christmas tree together, with "Mac" expressing happiness that the two of them have put aside their differences to do something fun together. A nervous "PC" is reluctant to plug in the lights on the tree, and when he finally does so, a surprise is revealed.

I Can Do Anything: "PC" shows off some of the benefits of being animated, including being able to talk with a bunny. When the bunny reveals where he is headed in order to do his holiday shopping, "PC" exacts a bit of revenge.
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