Monday, December 22, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: The Twitter Report, for FREE!

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This book is worth $67, but as a lucky Josh's Blog reader, you get this, absolutely Free! with no strings attached at all. Read on..
Why it is free? Just think of it as Josh's Christmas Gift for everyone!

But hurry, this is an Exclusive, Limited Tine Offer! Get your copy now before it disappears forever!

Are you the type of guy that's new to Social Media and Web 2.0 (including Twitter?)

Over 30 Pages of proven tips, tricks, and hints for dominating Twitter!
Inside Prorok will reveal:
  • A brief history & synopsis of Twitter
  • How Twitter can work for Y-O-U
  • How to get intimately familiar with Twitter, & FAST
  • Profile & account customization settings to optimize responsiveness & set your account up for ultimate automation so you can go fishing & play the guitar while Twitter works for you
  • Device integration secrets that will make “Tweeting” easier than using a telephone
  • How to capture your audience by adding photos to your Twitter profile, even from your cell phone
  • Integration hints for using Twitter to enhance your MySpace & Facebook profiles
  • An overview of how Twitter can help you get MORE traffic out of MySpace & Facebook
  • Bots, and how you can make them WORK for you
  • Twitter & WordPress setup tips that will let you quickly & easily update your blog from your mobile phone using the Twitter service (this is my favorite)
  • And of course, much, much more . . .

Inside you’ll find more great information for kicking butt and taking names on Twitter in ADDITION to what I’ve outlined for you above.
Twitter is NOT just another fad that will come and go. Twitter is revolutionizing the way people communicate and even how many people view the internet.
Twitter solves problems, and everyday there’s new “mutations” developing out of the Twitter platform which were never even INTENDED! What I mean by this is that the Twitter service is so powerful & useful that new ideas for ways to use Twitter are popping up left & right. I'm talking about people stumbling upon unbelievable new uses for Twitter that the original creators & inventors never even thought of . . .
“Twitter Is Revolutionizing The Way People Communicate & View The Internet”
Just by downloading & reading “The Twitter Report” you’ll nearly become a Twitter expert overnight. Download my report instantly right now, even if it’s 2am, by clicking below.

You may never get the opportunity to get this book again! Get it this instant!

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