Monday, December 15, 2008

Palm OS "Nova" for CES 2009

New-ness, anyone? BusinessWeek is speaking in rather authoritative terms that we'll all be treated to the next generation of Palm OS -- Nova, as it were -- at a grand unveiling next month in Vegas. Details are still sketchy to say the least, but word has it that the company's engineers are super stoked about whatever it is they plan to unveil -- and considering the breadth and depth of the engineering team Rubinstein has managed to assemble over there, that's saying something (hopefully). The pub pegs Nova's commercial release for mid-2009, which jibes with the latest we've been hearing, promising to deliver a platform for meeting the needs of the "fat middle" of the market that lies somewhere between the buttoned-up BlackBerry and the media-rich iPhone (and no, we didn't just call you fat). The company apparently wants to create devices that "make smarter use of data about you," but until we have a Nova-powered phone in our soft, supple hands, that little gem of marketing doublespeak really doesn't mean squat to us. Just a few more weeks, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. Yup, Apple is heading to making all their devices looking the same.

  2. Whoops, this comment was supposed to be on the iPod Nano one. Sorry.


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