Thursday, December 25, 2008

Crappiest Product Ad on Josh's Blog

Hmm.. Portable Antivirus Device? Great. Let's have a look at their site:

Wait a second, the one in the picture says 1GB, while the description says 4GB..
And wait it's hosted on Google Pages? That's Professional.
Whoa, $74? Here's Josh's Deal: For $56, I can get a 32GB USB Stick, plus CalmWin Portable, a open source Anti-Virus solution with:
  • High detection rates for viruses and spyware
  • Regular virus database updates. ClamAV team regularly updates virus databases to include a new virus/variant immediately after it appears
  • Standalone Virus Scanner.
So, don't get fooled by these people! Look at their address here on Google Maps, it's a residential area.. So it's some guy (and his sons?) ripping you off.  So, think before you buy this festive season, and make sure you research first.

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  1. You shouldn't click on your own ads... You could be BANNED... And yeah, there might be people who WON'T bother? And the design for the USB is quite cool/trendy/slim.

    Probably would be bought by businessmen who just buy/don't care about price/didn't do research. (No offense to those businessmen though-If they have the money or/and want it, go for it. :) )

  2. Very good and honest review Josh! The public needs more reviews like yours online.

  3. @Fyre Vortex, Google Ads have the url in the ad itself, you don't have to click on them. Josh could have just entered the url manually.


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