Monday, February 16, 2009

Monetizing Methods: WidgetBucks

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!
In the blog post series entitled Monetizing Methods, Josh will review and explain ways of making money online.

WidgetBucks is the so called "Internet's fastest growing ad network", although their ads are a little different to other Ad Networks. Instead of displaying text link
ads or image ads, it displays Flash widgets with Shopping (or Local or Travel) content related to your Blog/Website. For example, if I have a blog about the latest gadgets, the widget might show MP3 Players for sale. Meanwhile, if I had the Local Widget, it'll display Local Content (e.g. Local Gas Prices, Weather) according to the visitor's location.

- More earnings as it is PPC, not PPA
- Widgets are easily customizable
- Payment by PayPal or Cheque
- Earnings only need to reach $50 before you can cash out
- Referral Tools available

- Long Widget Loading Times (therefore, some Page Impressions may not be counted, which leads to less Earnings)
- Cluttered Interface
- Hard to use/read Stats
- United States/Canada Visitors' Page Impressions are counted only
- Long Time to accept new Sign Ups (It took me 4 days)

Overall, I use this on Josh's Blog too, although the earning are really low, even lower than Google AdSense. If you're interested, Sign Up for WidgetBucks here. Just make sure you make enough Orginal Content on your ste first.

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