Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monetizing Methods: Google AdSense

In the blog post series entitled Monetizing Methods, Josh will review and explain ways of making money online.

Google AdSense has to be the most widely used method to monetizing anyone's website or blog. The application process is quick, easy and painless, and the program is available to (almost) anyone around the world. Heck, it's even used on Josh's Blog!

Quick Facts
- Completely FREE to use
- Easy Quick Application Process (within 24 hours)
- Large Acceptance Policy (They'll likely to accept your application process as long as your website meets the requirements, see here)
- No selling required
- Easy Integration with other Google Products (e.g. Feedburner, Blogger and Google Knol)
- Clean, Easy to Use Interface
- Good Reporting Stats

Great, now make sure you know the Website Requirements. You'll get rejected if your website doesn't have enough content too, so make you sure you blog a few posts before applying for the program. 

- Money only comes by Cheque/Direct Transfer (No PayPal, Google Checkout etc)
- Money has to reach a whopping $100 before you can cash out
- To combat fraud, there's a waiting time of a month between the time you reach $100 and getting the cheque/transfer
- VERY small Commission
- Hard Work

If you're looking for a get-rich quick scheme, Google AdSense isn't for you. Google AdSense takes a lot of time (and effort) in order to gain a few cents a day. The CPC (Cost per Click) highly depends on your Website's Page Impression.

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