Thursday, April 2, 2009 Your Guide to Web Hosting!

I just found a great site I felt like sharing: it's called Web Hosting Choice. They offer an awesome guide to popular web hosting services, which includes reviews and easy to read comparison charts. 
Have you ever wondered with web hosting to choose? With the number of hosting companies these days, it's quite hard to pick the right plan for the right price. Well, Web Hosting Choice makes it easy to pick a web host. On their front page, they show a frequently updated table for the top 10 web hosts, based on a number of criterias. Currently, the Top Web Host is JustHost, with only a cost of $3.95 per month and comes with a free domain, Unlimited Space and Data Transfer. That to me, sounds like a great deal. The  Top 10 web host is shown below:
If you are more specific and picky about each individual web host, you can try their Advance Search feature, which allows you to pick a web host depending on a particular feature a web host, might have, for example, payment by PayPal or support for C++.  This can be seen below. 
Josh's Verdict: Overall, a great site to begin finding your first Web Host! Good Luck!
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  1. Lousy post! OH MY GOD! You are so poor that you can't even afford a domain name and premium web hosting.

  2. Thanks. I think I can.. what's then?

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  4. But you are still using Blogger which is only used by amateurs and not Wordpress.

  5. I have another blog at coming soon. And that's using Wordpress.


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