Thursday, March 5, 2009

Official Facebook App for Windows Mobile! (Download Links)

Remember all those Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots with a Facebook App? Well, XDA developers had just extracted this app from WM6.5 into a standalone app for your Social Networking pleasure.

The application has been reported to work on WVGA, VGA and QVGA devices. You need to download and install the application to Device (Do NOT INSTALL on storage card); be patient at first run as it will take some time to download all the information it needs. While it's a new application from an early Windows Mobile 6.5 beta, there are still some problems reported like not saving login info even if "save info" is checked, not showing friends IDs if they are not one of your friends. More screenshots below.

Download Directly HERE
I know, it's still a little buggy right now, but if you suscribe to this blog, you'll get to know when there's an update!

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